A Virtual Organization

VO Sales Group was started by Stephen Zarick when he was a single father and wanted to create a work-life balance around a family-first environment – a work-at-home environment.

The original intent of VO Sales Group was to create an environment for self-employed professionals to work in a virtual atmosphere with virtual teams, fully utilizing today’s collaboration tools.

Many of VO Sales Group’s early team members were professional women who were also moms.

Today VO Sales Group is a Virtual Organization of Sales and Marketing professionals, most of whom have had backgrounds with major corporations.

VO Sales Group offers a profoundly different company environment that is not bound by industry, not bound by geography, not bound by country.

As we spread our reach, VO Sales Group will keep growing internationally.

VO Sales Group allows you to hire experienced professionals On Demand, as needed.

VO Sales Group is the ultimate Virtual Organization for both Sales and Marketing.

On-Demand Sales and Marketing Solutions

For our customers, Solution Vendors, VO Sales Group represents a suite of sales and marketing solutions for Lead Generation and Sales Development.

VO Sales Group is a great alternative to hiring a full-time employee (FTE) to perform all your sales development and marketing functions.

Even if you hire an FTE, you may end up having to outsource some of these tasks anyway in order to accommodate multiple skill sets and applications.

VO Sales Group is your On-Demand Sales and Marketing partner to generate Sales Leads and Sales Revenue.

Self-Employment Opportunity

VO Sales Group offers a unique model, built around collaborative business tools that allow the self-employed Gigger or Tasker to feel part of a company, yet work individually.

VO Sales Group’s contractors have chosen a work-at-home lifestyle for a variety of reasons and are able to effectively balance their work life with their family life.

There are four teams at VO Sales Group:

  • The Concierge team
  • The Sales 360 team
  • The Marketing 2.0 team
  • The geographically dispersed, commission-only Sales Agent team

Every member of our team is compensated based on performance.

Each member of our team is allowed to grab more of the pie while being self-employed.

In today’s On-Demand Economy, VO Sales Group provides an environment for sales and marketing professionals to enjoy the Gig Life.