Stephen Zarick, President. Stephen has been a Professional in Sales for over 30 years. Technologies include Supply Chain/Logistics, All Things Enterprise Mobile, IT Solutions, High Value Software Solutions, Business Applications.

Industry Focus has mostly been in Retail, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Field Worker, and Cloud Computing.

Stephen is a businessman first and technologist as it relates to solving business problems.  He has a keen understanding of technologies such as M2M, RFID, Barcode, RTLS, Cloud, Mobile Apps, Retail POS as these related to the business solution.

Stephen lives in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, with undergraduate degrees in Business and International Business.

Stephen has been a business owner since 1989. He has studied both Arabic and Portuguese, though he is not fluent. He has been to Brazil and Spain numerous times on business trips. Stephen, as well as VO Group, has represented Brazilian companies and other international companies from Canada, UK, New Zealand, and India.

Stephen has started several companies in the US. He sold his former company to a NASDAQ-traded telecom company.

Stephen is an author, a speaker, a writer, and enjoys travel.
Stephen is active in his community and is a single father of three boys.