Finding Sales Leads in Healthcare

How do you find Sales Opportunities in Healthcare? How does Lead Generation work for you in the Hospital space? Cold Calling: The Outbound Method Have you attempted to sell into the Healthcare space by cold calling or prospecting, yet had dismal results? Have you lobbed an average of over 10 calls into a prospect and gotten nowhere? There are over 5500 hospitals in the US. There are Clinics, Outpatient facilities, Eldercare/Senior Care, Rehab Centers and more. Need: We know Healthcare “needs” your offering. All of these healthcare facilities are under pressure to produce more and more profit. Many actually need what you are offering. Why do they not answer your phone call? Why do they not respond to your email? Or voice mail? Why? Why do they not return my phone call? Most prospects do not return phone calls. Why? Because most phone calls and/or voice mails have similar symptoms: – The message is not to the point. – The sales message is too long. – The voice mail is too long. – The message does not hit the financial play. – Your message is too much about YOUR offering. – Your message does not focus on the problem, rather it’s focused on YOUR solution. It’s Not about Us. It’s about Them. Most people get too many cold calls and emails in their day. Most people think the following subliminally when there is a sales call: – Why did you call me? – How much time will this take? – How much does it cost? Again, it’s about THEM, not your solution. WE Statements If most of your email sentences start with the word WE…this is the start of the problem. It’s NOT about us. If most of your voice mail messages start with WE do this, WE offer that…again, this is why no one is returning your phone call. There are more effective ways to leave a voice mail. There are effective ways to state your message in 20 seconds or less. There are sales strategies that get people to return your phone call. No matter what Hubspot says, Cold Calling is NOT Dead. Cold Calling into Healthcare can work and does work.