Healthcare Sales Prospecting

VO Sales Group offers Sales Prospecting for all things Healthcare. With a finite market of only 6000 hospitals, there is a race for market share. Let VO Sales Group help you win that race.

  • Healthcare Sales Leads
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • LAB Solutions
  • Data Hosting Solutions
  • Patient Tracking
  • Revenue Cycle Management/Financial Solutions
  • Patient Acquisition and Patient Retention Solutions
  • Self Check-in Solutions and Kiosks
  • Surgery and ER Solutions
  • Clinical Supply Chain
  • Anything mHealth for Asset Tracking, Patient Tracking, Pharma Tracking
  • Workforce Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Mgmt.

Healthcare Sales Leads

VO Healthcare Solutions

VO does not sell your Healthcare offering.
Instead, VO will help you identify the buyer and then probe for compelling reasons to talk to your sales team.

VO Prospects. You Sell.

VO strives to stuff the Sales Pipeline with Sales Opportunities to raise capital.

Partner with VO Sales Group for your investment strategies to grow your mHealth business.

VO Sales Group is looking for investment opportunities in new technologies in Healthcare.

TeleHealth Sales Development

TeleHealth is an industry of industries.

Applications for mHealth:

  • Patient Monitors
  • Equipment Monitors
  • Mobile Telemedicine/Telecare Devices
  • Virtual LAB Solutions
  • Patient Portals
  • PBM Solutions
  • Payor Solutions
  • Senior Care
  • Nurse Call
  • Home Health and Remote Support
  • Air Quality Sensing
  • Education, Data Collection, Diagnostic, and Treatment
  • Disease and Epidemic Outbreak Tracking
  • Patient Readmission
  • Patient Acceleration

From Admissions to Discharge.

From Patient Acquisition to Billing.

vHealth Sales Development

vHealth – Virtual Healthcare – is the hottest market right now. Many in this space are start-ups or emerging vendors. VO Sales Group has a track record of producing Healthcare Sales Leads and Sales Opportunities for emerging healthcare solution providers. Let us devise a plan for you, and let’s starting finding revenue.

Healthcare Sales Leads


With so many new entrants into the Healthcare space, many companies hire VO Sales Group not only to canvass for Sales Opportunities but to refine their Sales Message and Brand. Our seasoned Sales team can offer you weekly feedback on what is resonating and what is not.

Many start-ups in Healthcare have hired VO Sales Group’s Concierge team.

Healthcare Sales Development

VO is focused on Healthcare Sales Development and HIMSS Sales Leads. VO Team Members regularly attend the HIMSS Conference and are up-to-date on the latest solutions in Healthcare. We can help you with Call List Services, Niche Lists, and development of a Sales and Marketing Strategy to properly canvas this space.

Healthcare Sales Leads