Marketing and Sales Support

This is not a self-serve model…you must be interviewed and invited on to the team.

  • We supply you with Training.
  • We have our own Sales Prospecting effort to keep our pipeline full of customers.
  • VO Sales Group is doing your selling and managing the engagement when necessary.
  • You are allowed to carry the VO Sales Group Agent business card.
  • You will be included in team conference calls for training and sharing.
  • We offer a referral program within our offerings.
  • You will be a member of our collaboration suite to network with others on our team.
  • You will have an email.
  • You could be working on an account with other team members.
  • There is an FAQ section to review.

Get on the VO Sales Group Map

We are looking for Contractors with aspects of Sales Marketing/Lead Generation skill sets.

If you know:

  • Inbound Digital Lead Generation…and there are many forms
  • Digital Marketing to generate sales leads…to drive traffic
  • How to run Nurture Campaigns
  • Natural Search
  • How to write web page copy for best results
  • All things Digital Marketing Lead Generation…

We want to interview you.

Career Self Employment

The VO Marketing 2.0 Team is comprised of professional marketing people who have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of today’s marketing landscape.

VO Sales Group’s Career Self Employment Opportunity allows for self-employed professionals to work at home.

Many of VO Sales Group’s Marketing 2.0 Team contractors are women and moms who have chosen a work-at-home lifestyle for a variety of reasons.

VO Sales Group creates a collaborative virtual environment using readily available cloud and collaboration tools.

In today’s On-Demand Economy, VO Sales Group allows an environment for the professional to have the Gig Life.

VO Sales Group offers a unique model, built around collaborative business tools that allow the self-employed Gigger or Tasker to feel part of a company, yet work individually.

VO Sales Group’s contractors have chosen a work-at-home lifestyle for a variety of reasons and are able to effectively balance their work life with their family life.

Additional VO Benefits

  • We have a back-end team to manage a campaign, to do reporting, and to log time.
  • We have a routine to help with campaign renewals.
  • We pay early and we pay weekly – we embrace direct deposit.
  • We become both your collection arm and your administrative back-end.
  • We will pay any subcontractors that you have working on your project, and prepare their 1099s.
  • We have a PO issuance and Project Tracking program that you will use to streamline your efforts to allow you to scale.
  • We take care of all contracts with new clients or new subs.

VO Sales Group takes the peaks and valleys out of your traditional freelance gigs.