Career - Self Employment

The VO Sales 360 Team is comprised of Business Development Managers (“BDs”) – professional sales people, seasoned in making high level calls into an organization. VO Group’s Self Employment Career Opportunity allows for self-employed professionals to work at home. Many of VO Group’s Sales 360 Team contractors are women and moms who have chosen a work at home lifestyle for a variety of reasons. VO Group creates a collaborative virtual environment using readily available cloud and collaboration tools. In today’s On-Demand Economy, VO Group allows an environment for the professional to have the Gig Life. VO Group offers a unique model, built around collaborative business tools that allow the self-employed Gigger or Tasker to feel part of a company, yet work individually. VO Group’s contractors have chosen a work at home lifestyle for a variety of reasons and are able to effectively balance their work life with their family life.

Sales 360 Team Benefits

As a Business Development Manager (“BD”) at VO Group, we give you all the tools to be in business for yourself as an independent contractor. With our national reputation, you can have your own lead generation business. We will give you the tools and resources to be successful. If you can prospect, we want to talk to you.


Get on the VO Sales Team Map

VO Group is not a self serve model.  You must request an interview and have knowledge of how to drive sales for a solution providers.  All of our customers sell High Value Solutions.  Our job is to drive revenue for them.  Knowledge of Sales and Marketing in the vendor space is a requirement.  Request an Interview and get on the VO Map.

Sales skills and sales strategies are a must.
A technology- or business solution-centric sales background is required.
This is a contract position, with no guarantee of hours.
This is a performance based environment.
We do offer hourly pay with bonus.

We are looking for those who have an understanding of: M2M, mHealth, Supply Chain, RFID/Logistics, Security Products, Retail/POS, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Level Software Solutions, Managed Services, Cloud Computing, and other high value solutions.

We are also looking for those that understand verticals, such as Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Casinos, and Hospitality, Manufacturing, etc. Your own vertical market understanding is important to us.

A strong business acumen and a strong sales background is more important that product knowledge.  Our style is to focus on the solution, the business solution more than the product offering itself.

VO Group's Model for Success

We help you with all the tools necessary to be a self-employed sales development contractor.

  • We offer training on our processes
  • We offer product and solutions training
  • We will keep a steady flow of new accounts for you to vie for
  • We pay early and we pay weekly – we always use direct deposit.
  • We become your collection arm.
  • We give you the tools and resources to report your results
  • We offer call list support for you to be successful in doing what you do best – sales prospecting/sales development
  • We have a PO issuance and Project Tracking program that you will use to streamline your efforts to allow you to scale.
  • We take care of all contracts with new clients

What we Offer

We offer an environment of self-employment and flex hours.
This opportunity comes with the potential to earn $40K, $60K, or $80K, depending on duties performed and your success at those duties. Six figures can be achieved if one tackles all aspects of our program: prospecting, managing, and new account acquisition.



VO  gives our Business Development Managers (“BDs”) the tools to grow their own business. With our client relationships, we can smooth out your income by allowing you to vie for accounts as they come up. We are doing your selling to keep your gig pipeline full.

Administrative Support

VO Group offers administrative support for independent contractors. You can still be self-employed, but allow VO Group to support your independent contractor efforts. We win business and then assign accounts to you. All of the administrative support comes from VO Group; you can just do what you do best.

Additional Benefits

    • We have a back-end team to manage a campaign, to do reporting, and to log time.
    • We have a routine to help with campaign renewals.
    • We pay early and we pay weekly – we embrace direct deposit.
    • We become your collection arm and your administrative back-end.
    • We will pay any subs that you have working on your project, and do their 1099s.
    • We have a PO issuance and Project Tracking program that you will use to streamline your efforts to allow you to scale.
    • We take care of all contracts with new clients or new subs.

VO Group takes the peaks and valleys out of your traditional freelance gigs.