Account Based Marketing/Selling

A Premier Approach for High Value Technology and Business Solutions companies.
VO Sales Group’s goals are to Generate Qualified Sales Opportunities that are revenue producing.

Our Professional Sales Prospecting Services blended with some AI Lead Generation techniques are to be revenue producing as opposed to being just a marketing expense as other marketing activity. Our focus in on high value solutions where there are many points of contacts (POCs) to penetrate a company to identify the buying team and the sales opportunities within. 

We call it Hybrid-AI.

VO Sales Group Concierge

 VO Concierge is a “white glove” Sales Prospecting/Demand Generation service.

  • You will be assigned a Team Manager and a Project Leader.
  • We will build a Sales Plan that includes Revenue Goals.
  • A Value Proposition Exercise is held to review your offering.
  • Call List Services are offered.
  • A Professional Salesperson is assigned to your account.
  • We do your Sales Prospecting
  • A Customer Satisfaction and Delivery Manager is assigned to your campaign.
  • We do everything for you. We manage the whole process.

On-Demand Sales Professionals

Outsourcing with VO allows you to have a contract Virtual Sales Team by creating a Virtual Organization (VO) of professional salespeople generating prospects and sales opportunities for you. VO becomes your on-demand sales workforce.

VO Sales Group’s Concierge Sales Team professionals run their own campaigns, have a proven track record with VO Sales Group, and report directly to you.

The salesperson assigned to your account is held accountable for your project, as you would expect a salesperson to be held accountable.  We do your Sales Prospecting.

Hybrid AI

  • Account Based Prospecting
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Human Capital Making Sales Calls
  • Professional Salespeople
  • Automation Strategies
  • Intent Based Cold Outreach
  • Anti-Spam Strategies
  • Multiple POCs
  • Avoiding Scripted Outreach
  • Peer to Peer Discussions
  • Discovery Calls, not questionaires
  • Pre-Qualified Sales Opportunities
  • SQLs, not MQLs

Outsourced Sales Prospecting

Fractional Ownership of a Sales Prospecting Professional

Contract Sales/Revenue Development

LEAD Generation – Demand Generation

Sales Plan Strategy/Sales Process Defined

Account Based Marketing

Sales Channel Development – Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Jump-Starting the Channel – Refocus the Channel






Why Engage VO Concierge?

  • We reduce your cost per sales call.
  • Hire us as you need us for a “Fractional Ownership” of a Professional Sales Prospecting Team.
  • We accelerate your market penetration.
  • Our clients recognize that Prospecting is a separate skill set from Selling.
  • VO is blending AI Strategies along with Human Capital.

Benefits of VO Concierge

  • We prospect.  You sell.
  • We are hired to complement sales teams and should be hired by your sales team.
  • We will enhance your current sales message and effort.
  • In many cases, we actually re-shape your technical message to get the attention of the prospect to at least lead us to an executive-level conversation.
  • Many companies use VO Sales Group to augment their Sales Retention efforts.

Strategic Sales Partner

As your Strategic Sales Partner, we work with you to provide solutions that Integrate with your current organization whether or not you have a direct salesforce or use a sales channel.

We are senior-level people working for you.

Let VO Sales Group start Prospecting today for net new revenue.

We Take the Time to...


Reduce your Sales RiskLower the cost per sales call
Find new actionable businessProvide more effective Prospecting
Support a new territorySupport a new sales rep
Support a new product offeringAllow your salespeople to sell
Gain access to top executivesLower your cost of sales calls if you have road warriors