Vetted Sales Staffing 360
A Sales Company offering Sales Giggers

A Hybrid Approach to Generating  Sales & Sales Leads

On Demand Sales Giggers

Many Sales and Marketing tasks require different skill sets.
VO Group is offering BY THE PROJECT Sales Staffing solutions … On Demand.

To complement our Concierge Team we are offering On-Demand Sales Staffing.
With Concierge WE run your project.
With our Sales Staffing 360 Solution, YOU run most of your own project.
VO Group recruits, vets, supports and then on-boards Sales Skill Sets.
They would be ranked A, B and C players.  They are ranked by flexibility and Sales aptitude.

You can hire our giggers… ON-Demand, as needed for particular Sales Tasks.
You hire by the sales gig, by the month.

Sales Tasks On-Demand

Sales Staffing Tasks might include:

  • End User Sales Lead Generation
  • End User appointment setting
  • Scripted calling to canvas a space
  • Event-Driven Campaigns
  • Customer reach out campaigns
  • Working a trade show
  • Customer Service/Customer Sat calls to your customers
  • Partner Acquisition calls
    … and more … by the Sales skill … On Demand

VO Group can staff all of your Sales needs.


Outbound Demand Generation

An integral part of our Sales Staffing is Sales Generation. VO has access to a pool of seasoned Sales executives who have embraced opportunities to have freedom in their lives as freelance Sales Professionals. Utilize our talented pool of contractors for your Sales Generation efforts.

VO Group allows for monthly contracts with our Staffing offering.
We make sure that the assigned skill set has the Sales support to do your project.

With our Sales Staffing offering, VO Group has a 1 time Sales Strategy offering to ensure best practices before your campaign starts.

Strategy, Design, Assign, Prospect.



Sales Recruiting

VO can assist your company in finding the right Sales talent for your organization. VO has access to a pool of seasoned Sales Professionals who have embraced various opportunities to have freedom in their lives as Freelance Sales professionals. Allow VO to assist you in utilizing our talented pool of contractors for your sales needs.

We can help you Recruit; Vet, Interview, and Contract Sales Pro’s.
You can hire them or let us hire them and you contract that applicant.

VO Group offers Sales support and best practices to all Sales Staff members.

On Demand Sales Staffing

Professional Sales Prospecting

Sales Staffing 360 allows you to hire from this pool of Sales Professionals and YOU run your own Sales Campaign.

BENEFIT TO YOU:  You pay the sames weekly rate, yet you would get more hours because you are the project manager.

VO Group still keeps the Business Development Manager on its team for Sales Training, Support, Strategy and to be part of a self-employed community of professionals with like daily tasks.


Sales Coaching/Training

VO Sales Strategy Training is offered to our entire Sales Staff.  VO Group also offers this to you to developing your Sales Team. From there we can develop customized training solutions that enable your Sales Team to engage in and execute upon the most revenue driven sales activities. VO Sales Training will partner with you to drive the positive change and, ultimately, the business outcomes through sustained improvement of sales performance and productivity.

Sales Coaching is designed to help you with first presentations and how to get to a second meeting with a prospect. This coaching is offered on an hourly basis.   You can benefit from this service, but our BDs also benefit from this service.  You can hire our Sales Staff and be assured that they have Sales Support from the VO team.

Event Driven Projects

VO has Sales People that can help you with your Event Driven activities. Whether invites to a Trade Show, a Web Event, or a Road Show … we can supply staff to invite an audience beforehand on a project-by-project basis, or follow up with them afterwards maybe we a different staff member. The value of working with VO’s Sales Staffing 360 is that we can supply you with the appropriate skill set for each different Sales Task.

Inbound Follow up

What happens when all of your lead generation efforts are successful and you have people interested in your product? Allow VO to step in and conduct inbound follow up campaigns so you do not miss a potential customer.

Whether from internet ads, web page hits, or email responses … we can help do the follow-ups on an as needed basis.

eMail Projects

If you have email campaigns or other Sales and Marketing efforts VO’s Sales Staffing offering has people that knows these solutions.  We can help with activities such as Newsletters, an email blast to already generated leads, and drip campaigns with Pardot- or Marketo-like solutions. Our number one goal is to help you generate some sales leads to complement your other sales activities.