Jump Start the Channel

VO Group has a channel specific program: Jump Start the Channel.

VO Group enjoys relationships in the channel. Most of our clients are channel partners of a name brand company.

Partner with VO Group if you are introducing a new product or direction to the channel. Together with your channel partner, VO Group can help you create a powerful sales/marketing go-to-market strategy.

Five reasons to work with VO Group to Jump Start the Channel

What we find is that many channel partners are slow to embrace new product offerings. We can help you Jump Start your Channel by providing leads that push the channel in the direction that you’d prefer


If you are building your channel, we can show you how we use leads and lead generation programs to recruit new channel partners.  Channel Acquisition is not an easy task when there are so many vendors and in a time when channel partners are attempting to limit their relationships. Together with VO Group, we can partner with the channel to help them drive revenue, not just be yet another vendor.

What we find is that many channel partners are offering your competitors’ products – lead generation and joint campaigns can win back their focus and attention. Lead generation programs can be used effectively for your Channel Retention Strategy.

Together we can boost your channel partners’ business, which in turn helps your sales.  Along with our ACTIVE selling efforts, we provide sales strategy support, and then get involved with your channel partner’s PASSIVE Marketing efforts, such as SEO and web page support, as well as web page hosting for better inbound lead inquiry.

VO Group will get involved in MDF and Marketing Co-op Programs in an effective way to move the channel in the direction that you need it to move. These kinds of programs allow us to provide leads and sales strategies to your channel, and still give you visibility to the leads. We have many examples of the effectiveness of this strategy.

Jump Start Your Sales Channel with VO Group.