“What I like about Gigging with VO is the ability it gives me to hone my sales and prospecting skills, as well as the variety of campaigns that I engage in.”


Business Development Manager

“What I enjoy the most about my work with VO are the constantly changing campaigns that I work on and all the cool emerging technologies I now know about.”

Orlando, FL

Business Development Manager

“One of my favorite things about working with VO is the support of the team. We are available for one another and provide support for each other. Even though we are all virtual, we are able to create that team environment.”

Toronto, Canada

Business Development Manager

“After being a road warrior and networking maven for a number of years, I needed the ability to create my own schedule while using my sales skills. I love the flexibility that my VO Gigs give me to structure my schedule as I see fit”

Philadelphia, PA

Business Development Manager


If you are looking for a Sales Gig…please contact us.

Minimum 5 years in business solutions sales, if for the Sales team

Minimum 5 years digital marketing, if for a Marketing contractor

Self-motivated and performance driven

Computer and Internet literate

Professional home office set-up to meet our expectations

Application and Interview Process
  • Submit a resume or bio with a brief outline of product knowledge focus.
  • Phone interview with VO management; there may be several.
  • Review of the VO Agent contract and NDA that needs to be signed and accepted.
  • Once invited to the VO Group sales team, it may take some time to place you on a project. You are always welcome to bring projects to the team, and VO Group management will assist in closing the new client.

Minimum Requirements

Dedicated business computer system

Landline for phone calls. Cell Phone/VoIP is not acceptable.

Professional voice mail

Broadband Internet access

Familiarity with Spreadsheets is a must

Familiarity with Google Docs, MS Office, or OpenOffice