Looking to Sell your Company?
Looking for an Exit?
Looking to Raise Capital?
Need to raise your Valuation?

Helping those with Intellectual Property with Capital and EXIT Strategies.
As a Sales Development company, we see a lot in just a week.  We see many solutions, many great ideas, many companies. We know who are making investments. We see what sells and we see what Trends. We see who is buying and investing, and we get to know management teams. If your solution is built around your own Intellectual Property (IP) we would like to explore helping you work toward a liquidity event: an EXIT.

For the Technology Company:
We can help you grow your top line revenue.
We can play matchmaker and be your pitch partner to any of the many investment funds or strategic partners wanting to acquire your company.
We can help you find marquee customers, strategic partners, and then an eventual acquirer.

Working with us, our goal would be to raise the valuation of your company.

For the Investor:
VO Sales Group is in a position to see many solution providers. Many of our prospects and customers have great offerings, new technology, new ways of doing things, are disruptive, and are solving problems while producing revenue. VO Sales Group can be your eyes and ears on the street…on main street…to help you find your next investment. We get to know management teams and their potential.  We know if they are making sales or not.

The New Technology Landscape

The new technology landscape changes constantly.  We see many trending solutions emerging.

There is much going on in Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain, Enterprise Mobility, Payment Systems, eMortgage and more.  VO is in a unique position to help you with positioning so your offering is even more unique.  We all have competition.  Let’s work together to get you the valuation that you deserve.

Disruptive Applications

If you are developing an Enterprise Application in the following areas, we’d be interested in talking with you.

  • Forms Management for Mobile Devices
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Vehicular Tracking
  • Billing Solutions (M2M), such as Utility Metering, Parking Meters, and more
  • mHealth – Mobile Healthcare
  • Cloud Computing
  • Asset Reporting
  • Smart Kiosks (M2M)
  • Usage-Based Insurance
  • Remote Monitoring, Service, and Dispatch
  • Mobile Device and Mobile Security Management
  • Mobility for Retail Management and Mobile POS
  • Retail Mobile Payment Systems for the Retailer
  • Beaconing across different applications
  • POS Applications – There is a big transformation going on in retail, and most centers around POS.
  • Virtual Care/mHealth – Healthcare is a space that needs to save money and improve processes.

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Capital Strategy: VO Sales Group will put together a small team to help you package your offering for Raising Capital or for Exit.  We help with all things needed for your pitch deck.  Stuff the Sales Pipe, Sales, Sales Plan, Getting in front of Strategic Partners, Prepping, Role Playing, Presentations and more.   Let’s schedule time to discuss.

Sales Plan: VO Sales Group is focused on Sales Planning, Sales Development, and Marketing Strategies to push an emerging company to the next level and to improve valuation, with the ultimate goal of gaining investments, and then to a liquidity event.

Matchmaker: VO Sales Group represents you, the entrepreneur.  Our job is to help you with positioning, revenue, your pitch, strategy, and to get you in front of Strategic Partners. VO Sales Group…the matchmaker.  Let us help you find your match, your Strategic (Partner).