Fractional CMO

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions
A 360-Degree Approach to Generating Quality Sales Leads

Branding, Positioning & Strategic Marketing

If you want to change the look of your company, your logo, your brand, your positioning and seemingly have an inconsistent message, VO can help.

Our team includes professionals who have worked with large and small companies in the field of strategic marketing or CMO On-Demand.

Fractional CMO

VO recognizes that marketing is a solution that every company needs in today’s digital world.

A company’s marketing can act as a salesperson, delivering information 24/7.

Websites must be responsive on a variety of devices, visually engaging, and able to be easily found by the various search engines.

Organic Search

VO understands and embraces the new marketing landscape.

A Digital Marketing Strategy must incorporate Search Optimization (SEO).

With a particular focus on Organic SEO to drive business to your website, VO can help simplify the process for your company and help your company be found online.


Tactful Marketing Solutions

We can help you with all of your Tactful Marketing solutions

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Account Based Prospect (ABP)
  • AI tools for generating sales leads
  • eMailing
  • SEO and Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • Trade Show Invites and more
  • Even Recruiting

Email Solutions

VO will assist with the implementation, design, and management of your Email Marketing Campaigns.

If you use Marketo, Pardot, or Mailchimp and do not have the time or resources to handle your Marketing Campaigns, VO Sales Group can step in and manage the process for you.

VO is embracing AI tools blended with human capital to generate qualified sales opportunities




VO Sales & Marketing offers Messaging assistance and has special expertise in assisting Start Up Companies and Emerging Technology Vendors to fine tune their message in order to make it more impactful and relevant.

Many have messaging.  VO’s strength is to create messaging that is used for hunters for prospecting meant to get a response from a cold to warmish outreach.


All Things Digital Marketing

VO can help you implement an Internet Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation.

Areas where we can help are:

  • Getting Inbound requests to integrate with your CRM
  • Designing Landing Page Strategy for both natural and paid search
  • Making sure your Web Solutions are mobile ready
  • Assistance with Buyer’s Guide Publishing
  • And more

We can even offer Software Development for all things Web.

Sales Force Automation

VO Sales Group can design a manageable Closed Loop Sales and Marketing system.

Whether using (SFDC) or another Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool, we can help implement and then manage the SFA effort.

Our goal is not only to implement but to utilize an SFA strategy for the benefit of producing actionable sales leads.

Allow VO to assist you in making your Sales Processes measurable.

VO Call List Services

Any Sales Prospecting effort should start with understanding the target audience.

The most effective Sales Campaigns that VO runs are industry-focused campaigns.

Many times this type of campaign requires us to build a Niche Call List because no such list exists to be purchased.

Niche Lists are where VO blends data, using technology plus human resources, to build lists that you normally cannot find.

We can create both verified or unverified email lists, with or without contact information.