The On-Demand Economy

VO Sales Group is a Virtual Organization that embraces the On-Demand Economy for Sales and Marketing as it relates to Lead Generation.

The On-Demand Economy is also known as the Project-Based Economy for Services.

Given the challenges for corporations with finding, hiring, and keeping good people, VO Sales Group has embraced the On-Demand movement for you, the Vendor.

We vet our team members, and we have strict interview processes, to provide our customers with top-level resources, as needed

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On-Demand Sales and Marketing Projects: VO Sales Group caters to vendors that need Sales, Sales Leads, Appointments, Traffic, Revenue, and all the Internet Marketing that leads up to that.

We have a qualified team of independent contractors, Giggers, and Taskers for you to hire, as needed, ON DEMAND.

If you have a Sales or Marketing project, click on the Submit Gig button below to tell us about your project.