Jump Start the Channel

Jump Start the Channel revenue with an ongoing Lead Generation program.

VO Sales Group has helped many companies grow their channel revenue.

The channel needs to be distracted with YOUR sales opportunities, your leads.

VO Sales Group can design a program that has balance across territories and industries.

The best Channel Retention programs come with a consistent lead generation program.

Channel Acquisition

VO Sales Group can help you Grow your Channel.

We have resources to help you acquire new channel partners.

Solutions that we can help you with:

  • Building lists of potential channel partners.
  • Profiling them as to their markets and strength.
  • Calling these potentials to vet them out.
  • Setting appointments for you to meet them.

Channel Retention

VO Sales Group is the premier Sales and Marketing Lead Generation company.

Sales Leads are used to focus your Channel Partners on your solutions when they have so many choices.

Feed your Channel Partners with Sales Leads from VO Sales Group.

To Jump Start your Channel, you must show them attention for best Channel Retention.

Channel Portal Set-Up and Management

VO Sales Group assists companies with their Channel Portal due diligence, set up, and maintenance.

We have partnered with one of the leading Channel Partner Portal companies that offers the most holistic solutions for all things needed to manage your Partner channel.

You can now give your channel partners tools to do more business with you.

Channel Strategy

Channel Development: VO will assist you in setting up your Channel Portal Software, setting up the processes, and managing your Channel Portal, Lead Distribution, and Lead Management.

Lead Management makes sure that the Sales Opportunities that you pushed into the channel actually move to Revenue.

Let VO Sales Group manage this process for you.

Lead Management

VO Sales Group can manage your leads through the sales process.

Whether your team is working with the leads or your Channel Partners are, we can create a process using what we call Intentional Progression of the Sales Opportunity.

We also help many of our clients during their sales presentations to ensure that 2nd and 3rd appointments are set up for the opportunities.