The Challenge

Any Sales Prospecting effort should start with understanding the target audience. The most effective Sales Campaigns that VO Group runs are industry-focused campaigns. Many times, this requires that we build Niche Call Lists because no such list exists to be purchased

The Solution

Niche Lists are where we blend data, using technology plus human resources, to build lists that you normally cannot find. We can create both verified or unverified email lists, with or without contact information.

Examples of VO Group Niche Call Lists

  • Top Amazon sellers that might also sell on eBay and/or
  • Field Service Managers where we know how big their fleet is.
  • Wal-Mart Suppliers to push RFID solutions

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

  • Oil and Gas Companies – Field Service Managers, based on size of fleet.
  • Channel Partner acquisition lists based on who their OEMs are and what industries they are in.
  • Exhibitor Lists from Industry Specific Trade Shows.

Extensive Demographic Research

  • Cloud Computing Companies that offer subscriber-based models.
  • ISVs that might be in a particular industry sector.
  • The Largest eTailers.

Niche Call List Build

VO Group offers Niche Call List Build as a paid service for our Sales Campaign customers