Sales Team FAQs


Is there a contract to sign?

Yes, we have an agent contract and an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that needs to be signed and accepted by both parties.

What are my responsibilities for a home-based office?

We expect you to have a professional work environment.  We expect professionalism at its highest level.

We also expect you to have a dedicated land line with a professional voice mail that is separate from your personal voice mail. VoIP is not acceptable. You must have a business grade computer with broadband internet access. A business grade email address is expected. It is also expected that you use a client-based email program, such as MS Outlook, which lends to productivity and has integrated calendar functions with other programs used for conference calls and meeting invitations. You need to have a quiet work environment. It is expected that you make calls while in front of your computer with a headset so that data is entered into our systems in real time. This is a client expectation.

Can anyone join the VO Sales Group team?

No. We screen all candidates before they are invited on to the team.

Can I be fired from the team once I am a member?

So to speak, yes, you can be “fired.”  There is a Statement of Work (SOW) for every project that you would be assigned to. If your metrics do not meet the SOW and do not warrant more hours, then you will likely not get more hours either from VO directly or from other team members. In a sense, you get terminated as a contractor for not meeting the SOW. We are all each other’s customers. There are no guarantees of business income or hours. If you are good at sales, you will likely have no problems once you have been invited onto the team. However, if there is a lack of professionalism or productivity, you may be invited OFF the team.

Is there a guarantee of hours if I want, say, 20 hours per week?

We do not guarantee hours. We do try to satisfy your personal needs and track what your weekly or monthly availability is; we just do not guarantee hours. We do have a pipeline of new business for our performers, but it is really up to you to manage your own time and projects, and to pay attention to project end dates and raise your hand for your next project. YOU are self-employed.

Can I bring in a new account for VO Sales Group?

Yes, and we will help you propose it and sell it. We pay a finder’s fee for new business and you may, if qualified, have first right of refusal to work that account as your own project. You can build your own business under VO Sales Group.

Can I bring in my own people to VO Sales Group?

We expect all people on our team to be interviewed by management and invited on the team. All team members must fall under the VO Sales Group contracts and payment system. Today we are not expecting any subcontracting under you.

Once this person is accepted and invited on the team, then this person could work under you as a direct report. But all team members on the VO Sales Group team are considered peers. So someone else might wish to hire that person as well. We do have projects where there is a project lead, and that person manages the project and the people. In a sense, we do not mind if you build your own business under you, but all delivery team members must be approved, accepted and invited on the team by VO Sales Group management.

Are there different pay scales?

Yes. We have different pay grades based on our contracts and your ability. It is a real possibility that you can move up the pay scale over time, or that you may have two different accounts at the same time and be on two different pay scales, depending on contracts that you bid on.

Can I work on more than one contract at a time?

Yes. Many of our contracts are set at 20-25 hours a week so that you can work on two projects at once for some variety. Some choose to work across multiple times zones.